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Global Truss vs GLP
Global Truss America LLC Files Trademark Infringement Suit Against German Light Products
 LOS ANGELES – Global Truss America LLC, a leading supplier of stage trussing products and accessories in the United States and throughout the Americas, has filed suit against GLP German Light Products, a Delaware Corporation and Mr. Mark Ravenhill, President of GLP, alleging trademark infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, unfair business practices and other violations of the Lanham Act.
 Global Truss America LLC, which has been continuously and exclusively using the federally registered Global Truss® name and trademarks since 2003 to establish a leading brand of trussing and staging products in the Americas, has accused German Light Products of falsely stating that it is “an authorized distributor of Global Truss products in the United States and falsely stating that Mr. George Lee is the CEO of Global Truss” and wrongfully “implying that Global Truss is the source of the products that GLP is advertising, distributing, offering for sale and/or selling.”
 Representing Global Truss America LLC, Kenneth L. Sherman, an attorney with Myers, Andras, Sherman & Zarrabian LLP, views the case as a “blatant and willful violation of the law.” According to Sherman, “there has been a deliberate effort by the Defendants to misappropriate Global Truss’ name and trademarks through wrongful and improper practices every step of the way. Global Truss America has worked very hard and committed considerable resources into building the Global Truss® brand in the US and throughout the Americas. Global Truss intends to be very vigorous in protecting its name and trademarks against anyone who distributes infringing products.”
 In the suit, which was filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of California on January 6, 2011, Global Truss America LLC states that its established and federally registered trademarks identify “Global Truss staging and truss products only and distinguishes them from goods sold by others.” The suit further goes on to state that the “Global Truss® trademarks have thus become synonymous with Global Truss America and are valuable assets symbolizing Global Truss America, its quality staging products and its goodwill.”
 Global Truss America LLC is seeking monetary damages and attorney fees in its suit, as well as injunctive relief to restrain the defendants, and anyone with whom they work to import and distribute their products, from using the “Global Truss” name and trademarks. The suit is also asking that all products bearing the specious “Global Truss” mark, imported and advertised by German Light Products, be destroyed. “Global Truss is always open to competition,” said Sherman, “but when a competitor deliberately attempts to create confusion and makes false statements about representing our client’s brand, we have no choice but to act aggressively to protect our client’s brand and the public interest.”
 For more information contact: MYERS ANDRAS SHERMAN & ZARRABIAN LLP, 1411 5th Street, Suite 306, Santa Monica, California  90401
 Telephone: 424 229-6800, Facsimile:  424 229-6815
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