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DuraTruss Pro Zip Covers Press Release
DuraTruss Pro Zip Covers Allow Lights To Be Clamped Directly Onto Covered Trussing
 LOS ANGELES – (For Immediate Release) – Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? The new DuraTruss Pro Zip Covers allow users to enjoy the soft, elegant look of covered truss while still being able to clamp lights, video screens and crossbars onto their trussing.
 This groundbreaking new product combines sleek, professional white lycra truss covers with midsection zippers.  Once un-zipped, the openings allow lights to be clamped directly onto trussing without scuffing or tearing the cover.  Crossbars can also be connected, allowing more design freedom for video mounting or additional lighting.  Once mounted, the zippers can be closed around clamps leaving small openings that won’t deter from the sophisticated look created with white covers.
 “Adding covers to the outside of trussing creates a nice look and makes the effect of uplighting with truss warmers more impactful, but in the past covering truss made it difficult or impossible to connect lighting to it,” said Ken Kahn, president of Global Truss America, which makes the DuraTruss line of products. “Now with the DuraTruss Pro Zip Covers, we can give our customers the best of both worlds – an attractive truss cover and easy attachments.”
 Setup is fast and simple with the DuraTruss Pro Zip Cover. Once the cover is slipped over trussing, the opening is unzipped, allowing ample space to connect a fixture clamp or crossbar.  The opening can then be zipped up to the clamp and the cover gently pulled taunt.
 DuraTruss Pro Zip Covers are available in multiple sizes, all offered at affordable prices. The white lycra covers allow more options when using a par for soft uplighting within covered truss.  Lighting fixtures and mounted crossbars can now be directly attached to glowing totems to expand design possibilities. 
 Click Link To Watch Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eg9Ozt842Ww&
 For more information, contact DuraTruss at 323-415-6225 or visit www.duratruss.com
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