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Dura Truss Goliath-Studio Crank Stands
Lightweight, Heavy Lifting
 DuraTruss Goliath-Studio Crank Stands
 LOS ANGELES – (For Immediate Release)
-- “Weight” is a relative term. The new DuraTruss Goliath-Studio crank stands can be considered lightweight in terms of how easy it is to lift them, or how affordable it is to transport them. But when it comes to supporting loads, the new stands are true heavyweight performers. The secret is in their unique winch-free design.
 “A good crank stand should lift a heavy load, not be a heavy load to lift,” said Ken Kahn, president of Global Truss America, the exclusive US distributor of the Goliath stands. The advantages these stands offer are so great, we’re confident they’ll be widely accepted in the market.”
 The new stands feature an ingenious direct drive, rack and pinion design in place of the traditional (and heavy!) cable found on old traditional stands. This innovation allows the new DuraTruss Goliath-Studio Stands to offer greater lifting power and a lighter weight along with fewer maintenance issues, which will expedite work at job sites in addition to saving money on shipping costs. .
 Being lightweight, the DuraTruss Goliath-Studio stands are easier to lift and carry -- plus they eliminate problems with broken winch cables on crank stands. Made with lightweight aluminum components, the DuraTruss Goliath-Studio stands range from 50 kg to 200 kg in weight.
 Yet, despite their convenient light weight, the stands are capable of some very heavy lifting. The largest model in the line can lift up to 5 meters, an impressive and unique achievement for any stand in this weight class.
 The hard working stands also offer an unprecedented level of safety, thanks to their special auto break system. DuraTruss Goliath-Studio stands are made in compliance with the German BGV-C1 regulations for event safety, and most are TÜV approved by TÜV Saarland.
 Aside from saving money on shipping, the new lightweight stands also control downtime and maintenance costs, since there are no splits or bolts which can become lost or bent. The DuraTruss Goliath-Studio stands are ready for immediate shipment.
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 For more information, contact DuraTruss at 323-415-6225 or visit www.duratruss.com
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